About Us


Where sensuality, leisure and affordable luxury comes to mingle, and give new meaning to self-love.

Brwn Liquor Candle Co. is a lifestyle brand that serves to advocate self-love, normalize leisure and welcome luxury into your lives through our handcrafted home goods.

Founded in 2020 by entertainment journalist and self-proclaimed fragrance connoisseur Meline Rose, Brwn Liquor is redefining self-love and luxury, all while making it look (and feel) sexy.

You cannot give to the world what you neglect to give to yourself. You deserve a life of ease, and experiences that ignite your senses and enhance your overall quality of life; now that's sexy.

You know what else is sexy? Peace. Empowerment. Quality. Joy. Flow. And, the warmth that moves through your mind - body - soul when you’re intentional with YOU.

Here’s to creating a life that you love --- a life that is worth living --- and advocating self-love, normalizing leisure and welcoming luxury into your ambiance. 

Oh, and while making it look (and feel) sexy.

Our Process:

Our candles are made in small batches, using 100% all natural soy wax and fine phthalate-free fragrance oils for a clean and toxin-free burn.

Brwn Liquor Candles