About Us

Brwn Liquor Candle Co. is a lifestyle brand that serves to advocate self-love, normalize leisure and welcome luxury into your lives through our hand-crafted home goods.

Founded in 2020 by entertainment journalist Meline Rose, Brwn Liquor is a celebration of life and how innately magical we are --- especially when we take the time out to pour into ourselves through self-care.

In a world that praises hustle culture and makes one feel guilty for indulging in things that bring personal joy, Brwn Liquor invites you to add intentional pleasure into your life. We understand that you cannot give to the world what you neglect to give to yourself. You too deserve to experience your own love, the luxury of leisure, and pleasurable moments that you can bask in.

Our candles are made in small batches, using 100% all natural soy wax and fine fragrance oils for a clean and toxin-free burn, adding to your relaxation.

So, cheers to living a life that is worth living and pouring into your own cup, first.

We are Brwn Liquor Home & Candle Co. Light up the world, unapologetically.

Brwn Liquor Candles