Elevate Your Mood with These 10 Scent-Inspired Songs

Elevate Your Mood with These 10 Scent-Inspired Songs

By meline guerrier

Elevate Your Mood with These 10 Scent-Inspired Songs

 Nothing sets the tone in your space better than candles. But, if we had to choose a close second, music would come in as a strong complement.

Our candles are hand poured to encourage an ambiance of self-love and luxury, so it was only fitting that we incorporated music to feed the flame.

For your listening pleasure, we’ve created a playlist that accents the vibe of each affirmation candle in our product line.

Illuminate your space and let these lyrics and rhythms help you indulge in a refreshing moment of Brwn Liquor luxury. 


Songs & Scents: A Brwn Liquor Mood


I Am.

Start your day off feeling bold with our confidence-boosting "I Am." candle.

You are the support you need and you are capable of what you want to achieve. Lift yourself up and don’t wait for someone else to give you the love and empowerment you can feed yourself. 

Ignite your senses with fresh notes of plum and lemongrass, and pair with these two songs so you can feel your power and boss up for a great day.

“I Keep” by Jill Scott

“Nice” by The Carters

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No one knows you like you do, so tap into your intuition and trust in yourself as the creator of your life. You know who you are, what you want, and what you need. Now, it’s up to you to pursue it. 

Caress your intuitive mind with scents of jasmine, incense, and patchouli, and let these two songs enlighten your self-awareness.

“Free Mind” by Tems  

“My Power” by Beyoncè

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One of One.

When insecurity creeps up, remember often times it's triggered by comparison. In these moments, remind yourself that you are in your own lane, running a race that only you can run. Nothing and no one compares, and that is your infinite power.

Find joy and security in your individuality. Play these two songs and breathe the vibrance of honeydew melon as it accents the sweet scents of nutmeg and vanilla in our One of One candle. 

“Video” by India Arie

“Ta Dow” by Masego

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God’s Plan.

Focus on what you can control, and find power in letting go of what you can’t. 

God’s Plan is a sweet scent, hand poured to help you unwind from the endearing, but stressful pursuit of your goals. Remember: something that is meant for you will never pass you by. The desires of your heart will soon bear fruit.

Sit back, take a breath and enjoy sweet notes of brown sugar and blueberry while allowing these songs replace your worry. 

“Underdog” by Alicia Keys

“Headed in the Right Direction” by India Arie

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P*ssy Is Mine.

Summon your inner sexuality with the soft and luxurious scents of cream, lavender, and Tonka bean. You belong to you first, so love yourself, trust yourself, and let that be the foundation of your power. 

Dim the lights, spark this candle, and press play to chill out and bathe in your unique electric energy. 

“Gold Mine” by Savannah Cristina 

“Be Honest” by Jorja Smith 

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Listen to the full playlist on iTunes here

Which song resonates with you the most? Leave us a comment below and add your own scent inspired songs!

Full Playlist

  1. “I Keep” – Jill Scott
  2. “Nice” - The Carters 
  3. “Free Mind” - Tems
  4. “My Power” - Beyonce 
  5. “Video” - India Arie
  6. “Tadow” x Masego
  7. “Underdog” x Alicia Keys
  8. “Headed in the Right Direction” - India Arie 
  9. “Gold Mine” - Savannah Cristina 
  10. “Be Honest” – Jorja Smith


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